Ale Paul

Ale Paul is one of the founders of the Sudtipos project, the first Argentinean type foundry collective. He actually teaches Typography at the post-graduate class at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and has worked as an art director in prestigious Argentina-based studios, handling high-profile corporate brands.

He has walked away with awards from several design competitions. Since 2003 he began working designing fonts and lettering for several top packaging agencies. He was a speaker at TMDG06, the largest Latin American graphic design event and spoke in conferences at France, Portugal, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Czech Rep, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Canada and United States. His work has been featured in publications around the globe, incl. Eye, Communication Arts, Step, CR, Print, Computer Arts, Creative Arts, Novum among others publications.

He received four Certificates of Excellence at the Type Directors Club for the the fonts Burgues Script (2008), Adios Script (2009), Poem Script (2011) and Hipster Script (2012). In 2011 his typeface Piel Script received a Letter2 award. He also received 8 Communication Arts type competition certificates of excellence.

Since 2011 is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale and the first one in Argentina.



Adios Script, Affair, Aguafina Script, Aladin, Alma, Almond Script, Amorinda, Angelus, Aranjuez, Argenta, Atocha, Auberge Script, Avellana, Aventura, Bakery Script, Bayoneta, Bellas Artes, Bellissima, Bibliophile, Biographer, Blog Script, Bowling Script, Bravissima, Brisa, Brownstone, Brownstone Slab, Bubblegum, Buffet Script, Burgues Script, Burgues Script, Business Pen, Cafelatte, Calgary Script, Candombe, Candy Script, Cenizas, Chicle St, Chocolate, Coche, Compendium, Condiment, Cooked, Courtesy Script, Cuisine, Cupcake, Delight Script, Diplomatic, Distillery Set, Divina, Downtempo, Dr Carbfred, Dr Sugiyama Pro, Envelove, Evergreen, Fan Script, Feel Script, Felipe, Festival Script, French Bulldog, Galgo Script, Gratitude Script, Grover, Grover Slab, Henderson Sans, Henderson Slab, Heraldica, Herencia, Herr Von Mueller Pro, Hipster Script, Horizontes, Inlove, Inoxida, Isla, Jugo, Kautiva, Kewl Script, Kilo, Koziupack, Kozmetica, La Portenia, La Taqueria, Lady Dodo, Lady Rene, Latinaires, Lombriz, Lynda, Machete, Malambo, Malbeck, Mama Script, Marzo, Matogrosso, Merengue Script, Milk Script, Milonguita, Ministry Script, Miss Blaker, Miss Fajardose Pro, Miss Fitzpatrick, Miss Lankfort, Miss Le Gatees, Miss Packgope, Miss Robertson, Miss Stanfort, Miss Stephams, Mobley, Mousse Script, Mr Bedfort Pro, Mr Benedict, Mr Blaketon, Mr Canfields, Mr Dafoe Pro, Mr Dehaviland Pro, Mr Donaldson, Mr Keningbeck, Mr La Doulaise Pro, Mr Lackboughs, Mr Leopolde, Mr Rafkin, Mr Sandsfort, Mr Sheffield, Mr Sopkin, Mr Stalwart, Mrs Blackfort, Mrs Sheppards Pro, Mrs St-Delafield Pro, Mrs Von Eckley, Murga, Oxida, Paz, Piedra, Piel Script, Pinguino, Platinus Script, Poem Script, Politica, Prangs, Primavera, Pronto, Pronto, Radio Time, Reflex, Ricotta, Rigatoni, Rolling Pen, Romy, Salamat, Santino, Scrapbooker, Seashore, Semilla, Sinfonieta, Stardust, Steak, Storefront, Suave Script, Sudestada, Sugar Pie, Tanguera, Test, Theorem, Tierra, Tiza, Tropical, Uma, Uplink, Viento, Voyeur, Whomp, Wink, Zulia

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