Ariel Garofalo

Director of Danilo Black Buenos Aires, he developped many projects both nationally and internationally, such as the redesign of the Danish paper Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, of the Daily News of Venezuela and of La Estrella de Panamá. He also did a series of infographies for El Comercio de Perú, among others.

He has worked for Clarín Group in differents products of the paper Olé, he was art director of Trespuntos magazine and was in charge of the first redesign of the Sunday magazine Nueva (1999)
He conducted redesign projects with Mario García such as the redesign of the papers Reforma(Mexico) and The Observer (England).
As a typographer, he created two typographies. He is also co-founder of Sudtipos and redesigned the logos of such newspapers as Le Journal de Montreal (Canada), Reforma, Mural, El Norte (Mexico), El Financiero (Dominicana), and La Estrella (Panama), among others.

Academic Information

Graphic Designer, graduated at the Universidad de Buenos Aires where he collaborates as a typography teacher. He has been dedicating to the design of newspapers, magazines and brands for them, for more than a decade. He participated in the first seminar of design of graphic journalism dictated by the SND.
He is a member of Tipografía Convoca and has given lectures at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, among many other places.




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