Claudio Pousada

Visual Comunication Designer from UNLP. He taught in the same university course. He has dedicated to TV's graphics for 17 years. He has worked for 10 years as Art Director in America Multimedia in Buenos Aires. He founded SinergiaLab working for Disney Channel, FoxKids, UOL, IPlan, Channel 13, Channel 9 and Endemol.

He created the first seminary about Identity Design on TV. He is member of the International Broadcast Design Asociation since 1993. His works have been published in different media. He presented in BDA Miami 2000 Paisaje Latino, an investigation about identity on TV. Founder of Kit-Che-N, 1st Latinamerica's multicompany television project, with the best of latin tv, Miami, 2001. He received many awards in BDA-PROMAX for his works and for being part of the "Latinamerica's best creative equipment". Founder of the experimental typographic project SantoTipo. Sudtipo's co-founder, first argentinian colective foundry of digital typography. Designed the no tipographic font system “icons of icons": SL Che, SL Gardel. SL Borges, SL Cortázar, SL Evita and SL Fangio. 2003.
Also designed the SL So Prolix, SL Titanes and SL Frank America fonts.
He creates the Communication and Image Department of Channel 9, Buenos Aires; making the realese of the 2005 season.
Creator of Canal-i, an interactive TV signal dedicated to the youth, creating the concept and the image of the channel. Caracas Venezuela. 2005-2006.



Sl Borges, Sl Che, Sl Che, Sl Cortazar, Sl Gardel, Sl Titanes, So Prolix

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