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ME Plastic

ME Plastic by Mario Eskenazi Studio

When Mario’s daughters were young, his frequent travels to London often led him to discover unique treasures. In a toy store, he found a set of plastic alphabet letters that became a beloved plaything with his daughters. This serendipitous find sparked a fascination, and he began collecting various types of letters, particularly those made from plastic stencils.

One day, inspired by his growing collection, Mario, together with his daughter Gabriela who works with him at his studio, decided to digitize one of these plastic alphabets. From this creative endeavor, ME Plastic was born. It features a bold set of connected letters alongside a set of individual characters. The casual and vernacular style of this alphabet infuses designs with a distinct personality, making it ideal for book covers, cultural posters, and any project that demands a touch of unique character.

Thus, from playful beginnings in a London toy store to a digital renaissance shared between father and daughter, ME Plastic embodies a journey of discovery and creativity, capturing the essence of a family's love and the timeless charm of letters.

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