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  • Stylistics alternates
  • Stylistic set 01

Koziupack by Alejandro Paul Angel Koziupa

Wild and free as usual, but now with a touch of sharp focus presented in curled ascenders and descenders, swashy care-free caps, and very unique figures.

Koziupack is the ideal choice of font for food and drink product labels, signage, magazine advertisements. It looks particularly great when accenting any work of modern illustration, or by itself brightly knocked out of a dark background.

Designed by Koziupa and digitized by Ale Paul.

Opentype features

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Ordinals
  • Currencies
  • Standard ligatures
  • Stylistics alternates
  • Latin CE
  • Latin Extended
  • Latin Extended A
  • Latin Extended B
  • Basic latin
  • Stylistic set 01

Available formats

  • OpenType Font
  • TrueType Font
  • Web Font


  • Desktop
  • Webfont
  • Digital Ads
  • Epub
  • MobileApp
  • WebApp
  • Broadcasting
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